Become a CHW


The Maine CHW Initiative recommends that any CHW practicing in our state completes a training on the core skills for practice (also referred to as core competencies).

MECHWI has partnered with MCD Global Health to provide an online Community Health Worker Training Program. This program consists of interactive training modules and resources related to the prevention, management, and self-management of chronic conditions in both English and Spanish. It also includes a free module on COVID 19 offered in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic, and a free module on COVID 19 Vaccine Basics in English and Spanish.

MCD also offers a virtual CHW core skills training program that includes interactive self-paced modules, live video conferencing sessions, homework assignments and other resources. Additionally, MCD offers an Apprenticeship program as well as Scholarship assistance. For more information please visit the MCD CHW Training Program webpage.


MCD is thrilled to announce access to a module from the CHW Core Competency training to the general public. You can now explore the "Introduction to CHWs" on MCD's CHW Core Competency Training site.

This module provides valuable insights into the world of Community Health Workers (CHWs), delving into their roles, essential skills, and the qualities that make them indispensable contributors to community health and well-being.

CHW Job Postings

The job board is a resource that seeks to connect employers with both new and experienced Community Health Workers (CHW) Maine. We encourage organizations to post job opportunities for CHW positions and anyone seeking employment as a CHW to check the available listings. If you are an employer that would like to post a CHW position to the Job Board you can send us a message using the contact page. Those who are looking to apply for a CHW position should contact the organization directly using the contact information provided in the job posting.

There are currently no jobs posted. Please check back later